We are pleased to launch our new made to measure blinds website

We listened to our customers and implemented changes in our new design website, offering much more versatility and easy to use filters so you can find the exact blind you are looking for quickly. Our new blinds webites allows customers to easily order made to measure blinds from their pc, tablet or mobile browser. We will soon be launching our new Direct Order Blinds App to make the process even more streamlined.


Free Samples

We have implemented a new Free Blind Samples where you can easily see the samples you have ordered via the samples email sent out. The email will have direct links to the product for which the sample relates to, no more searching through the site to find your favorite colour or design. 

We offer samples next day, our sample room is stocked full decent sized fabric samples ready to go out the same day as order. So you can see the quality of our roller blinds fabrics as well as our perfect fit blinds.


New Colour and Style Filters

We have catergorised the different styles and colours so you can easily narrow your search down quickly:

  • Choose by Colour
  • Choose by Blind or Fabric performance
  • Choose by type of blind
  • Choose by type of style, i.e - floral pattern or Jaquards

You can mix and change your prefernce easily by altering the different filters.


New Categorised Search

Most on site searches don't actually give you what you are looking for, we have spent a lot of time designing a site search which you can first select your category, via a neat drop down menu, say Venetian Blinds, and then just enter you colour or slat type and it will search for exactly that.

Our new Images 

We have spent a lot of hours over the past 12 months to try and get all of our images to relate to the blind you are purchasing, obviously there are differences between different screen resolutions but we are confident that our images of all of our window blinds will represent your blind as closely as possible. We have seen a marked difference, since our launch, in customers purchasing blinds even without a sample!


Contact us to speak with a specialist.