Child Safe Blinds

Child Safe BlindsWith the new laws coming out this month to the way we manufacture and supply blinds it is imperative that customers fitting there own blinds attach the relevant child safety device that is supplied with your blind. Your blinds are supplied with the relevant warning and instructional tags on the parts of the blinds that are considered a threat to child safety. If you are in any doubt please contact us on 0845 652 1963 for more detailed information. You can obtain all the child safety devices through our blind accessories category if you your existing blinds are unsafe. At Direct Order Blinds we manufacture all of our blinds to child safety standards and have done for some years now.

There are some types of blinds that are completely child safe such as spring operated roller blinds, wand operated vertical blinds and perfect fit blinds to name just a few. You can find all of these types of blinds within our website. Other detailed information can be found on our child safety page where you will find useful ideas, BBSA video and links to the Make it Safe website