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Night & Day

Sometimes known as “Vision Blinds”, sometimes known as “Mirage Blinds” and even sometimes known as “Zebra Blinds”, Night and Day Blinds give you full control of light and privacy in your home. These Duo Roller blinds can provide additional privacy throughout the day while letting light in, combining the effects of both a traditional roller blinds and a venetian blind.

The blinds are made up of translucent and opaque striped material layers, which glide past each other to create different light intensities, allowing you to keep a finer level of control of how much light can get into your room.

  • Range of Colours: From plain and natural fabrics to bright, vibrant and bold colours.
  • Performance: Light filtering and energy saving, you choose the filter levels by adjusting the blinds.

We manufacture all our Night & Day Blinds in our UK-based factory and can offer the best prices around for made to measure Night & Day Blinds without reducing the quality of the product or service. All of our Night & Day Blinds are made using only the finest quality components and the best fabrics currently available.

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