Perfect fit venetians - an overview
Perfect Fit Venetian blinds fitted to a pvc window without drilling any holesWhat are the benifits of perfect fit venetian blinds?. Firstly lets talk about Perfect Fit blinds in general, these blinds are a new concept in window coverings and offer the customer such ease of measuring and fitting without having to pay for blind fitters. Perfect Fit blinds are cleverly designed with an easy to install bracket that just slides in behind your windows beading. The blind itself is incorporated into an aluminium frame which has small oval punch holes which neatly and securely clip onto the slide in brackets. The frame then looks integrated with the window and does not take up any window sill space. Perfect fit ventian blinds are ideal if you want total control over light and privacy, the blinds operate up and down via a tabbed handle and not cord pull making these blinds classed as totally child safe. The slats are tilted via a clear polycarbonate rod which you twist either way to alter the angle. There are many designs and colours available in our venetain slat range and all of our slats are high grade aluminium eradicating the slat form kinking or becoming bent easily. For more information on whats available with perfect fit ventians please click here