Frequently Asked Questions

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Who makes your Blinds? 

We manufacture most of the blinds we sell, in our factory here in Boston, Lincolnshire. This includes the full Perfect Fit range, INTU Micro, Roller blinds, Day and Night blinds, Verticals and Allusion blinds. We use a couple of national suppliers to manufacture our Roman Blinds, Wooden and Fauxwood blinds and our INTU Pleated and Venetian blinds.


How soon can I expect my blinds to be delivered? 

You can view our up to date manufacturing times here.

You will find the estimated dispatch date on the product page at the time of ordering. Once you have placed your order you will receive a order confirmation e-mail with the estimated dispatch, and then a second e-mail with with tracking information on once your blinds have been dispatched from us.


Who delivers your blinds?

Delivery is FREE within mainland UK for all orders over £189 (Please note that some postcodes in Scotland are not included and the relevant charge will be displayed in your shopping Cart).

All blinds are delivered by our national courier. The courier used will be either DX or Parcelforce. This is our standard service and deliveries are made on weekdays between 7am - 5.30pm. 


Do you deliver internationally?

Unfortunately not, we only ship within the UK! 

Order queries

Can I order over the phone?

Sadly we cannot process orders over the phone, if you are struggling to order via our website please get in contact via email.


How many free samples can I order?

You can order up to 10 free samples.

Whilst you are browsing the many different swatches of fabrics and slats we have you will notice a "Free Sample" button. Just click this to have your chosen fabric added to your cart, which you can view at any time by clicking the cart icon at the top of the page. Then, simply checkout as normal.


How long does it take for samples to arrive?

Samples ordered before 9am will be sent the same day, in First Class Post. Samples ordered after 9am will be dispatched the next working day in First Class Post.


Why order free samples?

There may be very slight differences between batches of fabrics from our suppliers.  Our images are for illustrative purposes only and whilst we try to ensure the colours and pattern repeats are accurate, we would always recommend requesting samples before ordering blinds. We also offer Perfect Fit frame kits and INTU profile kits. These are £3.75 each, delivered by Royal Mail.

Measuring and Fitting

How do I measure? 

You can view our easy-to-follow measuring guides here. 


How accurate do my measurements need to be? 

We make all blinds to your measurements but understand that measuring can be a little daunting.

Our advice would always be to go smaller if you are unsure. This doesn’t mean making large deductions from your measurements (we will do that if the blind type requires it) but for Perfect Fit and INTU blinds, a few mm too big can mean your blinds don’t fit. So, if you think you have measured 123.5mm, round down to 123mm, for example. Our measuring guides advise you to measure in 3 different places across the width, for example, and use the smallest measurement when ordering.

Always use a steel tape measure for the most accurate reading. We’d recommend the use of a top reader tape if you have one or want to invest in one. We sell the Gator Tape here.


How do I fit my blinds? 

You can view our easy-to-follow fitting guides here. 

What are the best blinds for my windows/doors?

What are the best blinds for bifold doors? 

Our Intu Micro blinds are specifically designed for bi-fold doors. They have a slimmer headrail and pleat allowing the blind to sit within the door frame, and the doors to fold back flush! You can find them on our website here -

Our Perfect Fit Pleated and Venetian Blinds are also suitable for PVC bi-fold doors however it is worth noting that the Perfect Fit frame sits on the door frame, and on some occasions, this can prevent the doors from folding back flush. 

Motorised Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, and Allusion blinds are also great options too.

What are the best blinds for sliding doors? 

We would recommend Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, or Allusion Blinds. Motorised Blinds are a very popular option for sliding doors, multiple blinds in the same Open Cassette look great whilst motorisation helps for ease of operation. If you’re still unsure, please feel free to get in touch by sending us a photo and we can advise further!


Do you do Blackout Blinds?

​​We offer a wide range of blackout fabrics across our ranges. Including Rollers, Verticals, Romans, and Perfect Fit Pleated/Rollers but these blinds are not a 100% blackout system. Whilst the fabrics themselves are blackout, light will travel between the fabric and frame and around the corners in some cases. \

Our Blockout Roller Blinds (link) consist of an innovative cassette and 4-sided frame which prevents gapping for a more secure fit, resulting in optimal blackout performance. 


Do you make conservatory roof blinds or shaped blinds? 

Unfortunately, we don’t.

What is the difference between Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds?

What is the difference between Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds?

The main and most obvious difference between these two types of blinds is that Perfect Fits have a four-sided frame and Intu blinds do not. The cassette attaches to the window via a top headrail with two discreet side channels running down the sides to keep tension throughout the blind. 


The installation process

Both styles benefit from an exceptionally quick and easy installation process. By fitting directly onto the glass, neither require any screws, drilling, or holes in order to securely adhere to your window. This also allows you to easily remove the blinds for cleaning. Yet, due to the lack of a framework for Intu blinds, their installation process is divided into three stages so might take marginally longer. Either way, we have detailed guides available on our website to help you, and most customers find that their blinds can be safely fitted within minutes.


What are they best for?

Due to this installation process, both varieties can be fitted at almost any window including in conservatories.

The Intu Micro-Pleated styles are tailor-made for bifold doors, boasting an even slimmer construction than the original pleats.

That said, both Perfect Fit and Intu blinds are excellent choices for tilt-and-turn opening windows, patio doors, and other ‘problem’ windows.


Aesthetic differences

By omitting a full frame, the Intu blinds take up less window space than Perfect Fits, granting you a wider view and the optimal amount of light flow when the blinds are lifted. On the other hand, Perfect Fit blinds provide greater privacy as light is prevented from seeping through the sides and many people consider this style to look more ‘complete’. Ultimately, it is down to personal preference regarding whether you value light over shade or vice versa. Both types offer a choice of different headrail or frame colours to either match or contrast against your fabric.


Additional properties

The complete frame of the Perfect Fits increases your home’s thermal efficiency by keeping warmth in during the winter and reducing heat build-up in summer. Intus don’t have this same level of insulation; the sacrifice made for a less intrusive appearance. Due to this flush fit though, debris is more likely to gather in the Perfect Fit frame meaning that Intu blinds may be easier to keep clean.


At the end of the day, both feature highly intelligent designs and are fantastic options for any unconventional window space. Due to the wealth of variation within both styles, you are sure to find something that suits your interior aesthetic as well as satisfying all practical requirements regardless of which type you opt for. Our office poll has five in favour of Perfect Fit and six preferring Intu, so make of that what you will.

Perfect Fit Blinds

How do I know if Perfect Fit Blinds are suitable for my windows or doors?

They are suitable for most uPVC windows and doors and some aluminum. One way to be sure is to order a Perfect Fit frame kit here.

With this, you can check that the bracket fits securely and is the right size. You can also compare the blind frame colour to your windows or doors and check the clearance around the glass. Remember to put the frame against your handles to check you can still open the window or doors. You might need handle spacers to bring your handle out slightly if it won’t clear the Perfect Fit frame and you can order those here.

The bracket slides between your rubber beading and glass, sometimes a bit of Washing Up Liquid is required to help the bracket slide in.


Why do I need 25mm clearance for Perfect Fit Blinds?
The Perfect Fit blind frame overlaps your window or door frame, on all four sides, by 25mm. Check you have this clearance between the glass and any obstructions, such as handles and air vents. If you have less than 25mm on the sides, Perfect Fit blinds will not be suitable as you cannot reduce the width of the blind to compensate. If you have between 15mm and 25mm clearance on the top or bottom, you can reduce the drop of the blind, by up to 10mm, to get the 25mm clearance required. For example, if you measure the drop as 1000mm but only have 20mm clearance because of a window sill, handle, or air vent, you can order the blind at 995mm to compensate. If you need help with this, please get in touch!


Can I install Perfect Fit Blinds upside down aka bottom up?
​​Yes! Perfect Fit Pleated blinds work exceptionally well when installed upside down and closed from the bottom up. Spring-operated Perfect Fit roller blinds can also be installed upside down. The locking end caps may wear more quickly but we do sell spares in the Blind Parts section of our website.


What is Dual Operation?

Being able to open Perfect Fit blinds from the top and bottom is a great way to control light and privacy in any room. Dual Operation isn’t recommended for blinds over 850mm in width as the rails (where the handles are attached) can bow or deflect once tension is applied to the blind. As long as you understand the risks, we can make them over 850mm.


Do Perfect Fit Blinds damage your windows?

No, the brackets are thin enough to slide between the glass and rubber without touching or damaging the seal which is further in the window frame.


Can Perfect Fit be used on Velux windows?

Our Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds are suitable for Velux Windows with a 54mm bracket. We recommend ordering a Perfect Fit sample kit to check the blinds will be suitable before ordering.

Intu Blinds

How do I know which side profile I need for Intu Blinds? 

The side profiles hold the brackets in place in the corners of your window or door. 
To determine which side profile you need, you can order a side profile kit here.  This video explains how to choose the correct side profile -

If once you have received your side profile kit, you are still unsure what side profile you need, you can email us photos of the side profile against your beading and we will assist with helping you choose the best fit. 

XL profiles cover more glass, giving you extra privacy when the blinds are closed - these are recommended for Pleated fabrics.


What is an Operating Pole?

If you have windows that are hard to reach, you can add an operating pole to your order. When ordering a blind, you will be given the option of “assisted tilt” (on INTU Venetians only) which will allow you to order a pole to reach the tilt slider, which sits at the top of the blind. For both INTU Venetian and Pleated blinds, you’ll be given the option of “assisted lift” and if “yes” is selected, we will ensure the bottom bar is adapted to allow for use with an operating pole.


What is Dual Operation? 

Being able to open INTU blinds from the top and bottom is a great way to control light and privacy in any room. Dual Operation isn’t recommended for blinds over 850mm in width as the rails (the parts you move up and down) can bow or deflect once tension is applied to the blind. As long as you understand the risks, we can make them over 850mm.


What is the difference between Intu Beadfit and Intu Screwfit? 

We are often asked about the difference between INTU Beadfit and Screwfit blinds. As the name suggests, INTU Screwfit are fitted with small screws but operates and looks the same as the Beadfit version. Beadfit blinds are fitted with brackets that slide between the rubber seal and glass and are suitable for most uPVC and aluminum windows and doors. Screwfit blinds are generally ordered for wooden doors, though they can be fitted to uPVC or aluminum windows and doors too. For example, where a door is over 1.5m2, but less than 2m2 in area, the Screwfit blind might be suitable but a Beadfit blind will not due to size limitations.

Always check the measuring guides to ensure the product you are looking at is suitable for your windows as there may be other features that determine one’s suitability over the other.


Do Intu Blinds damage your windows?

No, the brackets are thin enough to slide between the glass and rubber without touching or damaging the seal which is further in the window frame.


Why are your blinds so reasonably priced compared to some other sites and local blind companies?

We can afford to sell our blinds for less than many of our competitors as we manufacture nearly all of our blinds at our factory and sell online directly to the public. Most blind manufacturers sell only to the trade, who will then put their markup on the price, making for a much more expensive price. We can offer a much larger selection and top-end systems such as Louvolite, Hunter Douglas, AG Textiles, Decora, and Eclipse at amazing prices.

How will my personal details be used? 

We will only use your personal data to fulfill your requests for our products and services, and we assure you that none of your data will not be passed on to third parties, sold, or rented. We will keep you informed on our products, promotions, and services only if you have consented to receive such information. For more details please refer to our Terms and Conditions

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