Child Safety with Blinds

Direct Order Blinds are fully compliant with the UK Child Safety Regulations, and we are committed to help eliminate the risk associated with hazardous looped operating cords, chains and tapes used on window blinds.

Window blind cords and chains must be kept out of reach of babies and small. Here is what you should do now if you have babies or young children living in your house or if babies or young children may visit:

  • Examine every blind in your home. If they have a looped control chain or cord and do not have a safety device fitted, then you can easily install one of the many devices available. Ask one of our friendly trained staff who will be happy to assist you.
  • Ensure that all operating blind cords and chains cannot be reached by children.
  • Move cots, beds, and any furniture away from windows and blinds - remember children love to climb

If you require blinds that have operating cords or chains, regulations will mean cord and chain

lengths are determined by the European standard, and a safety device is needed. To determine the cord length, we require a measurement called the ‘Installation Height’. This is the distance from the floor too the top of the blind.

In some circumstances this could mean your cord/chain falls in a hard-to-reach area, this can be combated by a more suitable blind or motorisation.

All our blinds are supplied with a pre-fitted safety device or accompanied by a safety device, please get in touch with our team if you require any further information.

Rollers that have two breakaway connectors can have a max chain length of 60cm from the floor. We usually finish the chain 100mm from the drop of the blind.

Blinds that have a continuous loop of chain or cords, these include Rollers, Day and Night blinds, Venetians, Perfect Fit Chain Rollers will need a tensioning device and the cord can be no longer than 1500mm from the floor.

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