What is the difference between Perfect Fit Blinds and Intu Blinds?



Intu vs perfect fit blinds



Here at Direct Order blinds we probably get asked this question more than any other, so just what is the difference between these blind types? Lets start by explaining that both of these blind types are an excellent product and are suited to Upvc windows with a neoprene seal between the beading and the glass.Both Perfect fit blinds and Intu Blinds are attached to the window without having to drill holes or screw in any brackets.

Window section showing the beading to fit Perfect fit blinds and Intu Blinds


The main difference between these blind systems is that Perfect Fit Blinds are attached in a surrounding aluminium frame, which is powder coated to the most common Upvc white, cream, brown, anthracite and there are also two wood effects which are mahogany/cedar and golden oak. Perfect fit blinds then become more integrated into the colour of the conservatory or window, making these a good choice.


Perfect fit blind frame colours


Intu blinds don't have a surrounding frame, instead they are fitted in three stages. First the top rail or the top cassette of the blind is fitted by sliding the bracket section beneath the rubber beading. The bottom two brackets are then positioned beneath the bottom corners of the window beading, after which the two side channels are fitted to hold the blind in place. Now, it depends on your beading type to which channel you choose and this can be confusing. However to simplify this process we do off an Intu profile sample kit which gives you all you need to decide, measure and fit Intu Blinds


Intu sample kit


Other considerations to valuate is that Intu blinds are much more suited to Bi-Fold doors as they do not have the protruding frame like the perfect fit blinds. They also offer a micro version which are even better suited to bi-fold door blinds. The operation for the venetian blind type is also different between the two systems. Whereas Perfect Fit Venetian blinds have a clear polycabonate operating rod to tilt the venetian slats the has a clever slide mechanism on the headrail of the blind, which when pushed to one side tilts the slats of the blind.


Note: The ranges of Perfect Fit blinds and Intu Blinds are only suitable for Upvc conservatories and some designs of aluminium conservatories. Perfect Fit blinds and Intu blinds are not suitable for sliding patio doors that do not lift and seperate. Please contact us for more information