Earth Day: What we do for our planet

Earth day

We strongly align with the philosophy that every day is Earth Day but would never turn down the opportunity to talk about everything we are doing to preserve our environment. From our commitment to recycling to our made to measure business model, we are proud to be constantly reviewing and updating our initiatives to be as sustainable as possible.


Made to Measure

Our Made to Measure method of operating is inherently sustainable and minimizes waste. Unlike conventional e-commerce websites, we do not make products that are thrown away or left to gather dust in a warehouse if not sold. By only making products once they have been ordered, we are using our resources responsibly in addition to providing you with a bespoke product that has been carefully crafted specifically to your measurements. Made to order items are better for both the customer and the environment.



All the packaging that comes into our factory from suppliers is rigorously checked so that all recyclable materials are processed appropriately. As you can imagine, we receive a lot of cardboard and make sure that it is all dealt with as sustainably as possible, ensuring that no non-recyclable traces of sellotape are left on before collection. The act of putting something unsuitable into the recycling bin is referred to as ‘wishcycling’; the vague hope that people sorting refuse will know how to recycle items for you. This actually clogs up the system and can contaminate entire batches which are then sent to landfill, so it is important to be thorough.


Minimising Waste

One of the core goals of our manufacturing process is to minimize waste and reuse resources as often as possible. For example, when cutting your blinds down to size we are left with a selection of offcuts that are too small to be made into another set of blinds. Rather than simply disposing of these fabrics, we use them to create our samples which are sent out free to your homes to help you choose between styles.


Repair > Replace

Another of our aspirations is to always prioritise making repairs rather than replacing any blinds that require maintenance to save on the use of materials and energy expended. Direct Order Blinds is one of the few sites that sell a wide assortment of spare components, enabling you to make these upgrades yourself quickly, easily, and cheaply. Our Vertical blinds are particularly sustainable as any individual slats that become stained can be replaced while retaining the main mechanism.


As a business, we recognize our responsibility to use as many sustainable practices as we can to work toward a more environmentally friendly future. As a customer, it is your job to shop consciously with brands you can trust to do the right thing. To quote Greta Thunberg, we have learned that you are never too small to make a difference.