The added protection of shading from sunlight afforded by roller blinds means more protection for your valuable furniture, upholstery and other expensive furnishings.

We offer an exciting collection of new fabrics in our fabric roller blinds collection and contemporary blackout blinds and perfect fit roller blinds designs suitable to improving the aesthetics of your home and work environment. Simply choose your preference and let your choice in roller blinds transform the look of your living space.

Why choose roller blinds

  • effective energy savers by filtering out sunlight and retaining heat
  • low maintenance
  • economical and value for money
  • easy to operate
  • made of highly durable fabric

Types of roller blinds available

fabric roller blinds

Once relegated to the use in kitchens and bathrooms, fabric roller blinds can be used in any room in your home or workspace. The high quality and durability of fabrics used in our roller blinds collection has enabled this highly functional window treatment solution to regulate light into a room according to fabric choice and colour. Fabric roller blinds are easily fitted onto the window frame, making installation fuss-free. Stain resistant fabrics allow for hassle-free maintenance.

blackout blinds

For customers wanting complete privacy and darkness, blackout blinds are the most highly recommended type of blinds available in the market today. Blackout roller blinds are effective energy savers by successfully blocking out sunlight from entering into a room. In the summer time this will help keep the room a few degrees cooler without you having to turn on air conditioners. This in turn saves you money.

perfect fit roller blinds

A simple click into place makes the innovative perfect fit roller blinds system a number one choice for many customers. A wide range of fabrics are available to choose from to create or complement the look you desire.

The benefits of roller blinds

The versatile look of roller blinds contributes to its popularity with many homeowners and interior decorators opting to improve the look of a room. Fashioned out of a stiff tightly woven fabric, patterns of roller blinds can vary according individual styles and preferences. To create a basic look, all white roller blinds are preferred. More interesting and exciting styles are created by blinds depicting textural or graphical elements.

At Direct Order Blinds, all of our roller blinds are chain or spring operated  and individually hand-made, offering top quality for your money as well as a unique customised service. All of our components are certified child safe and all of our roller blinds are supplied with child safety features.

Give your windows the attention they deserve and choose from any of our fabric roller blinds, blackout blinds or perfect fit roller blinds available in trendy designs and prints. Contact us today and let our highly trained staff help you transform your living or work space into picture perfect pizzazz.