The variety of types of venetian blinds available means that the look of any room can be customised according to individual preferences and tastes. A choice can be made from among:

The promise of Venetian blinds

There are many reasons why the choice of venetian blinds is such a popular one. Of course the aesthetic value is top priority for many fans of venetian blinds, which is why it is highly recommended. The technical supremacy of venetian blinds means that it has more value than just being fashionable.

For us, the most significant advantages of choosing venetian blinds are:

  • they are suitable for any room in the home or office
  • offer effective light infiltration and privacy
  • are easily installable that you can even do it yourself
  • hassle-free maintenance
  • are available in almost any colour and finish
  • highly stylish as well as practical
  • affordable

The impressive selection of Venetian blinds available on the market

Wood venetian blinds

For those wanting a look to complement furniture or the floors, wood venetian blinds make for the ideal choice. The specially treated superior quality wood is protected from fading, warping and splitting. Wooden venetian blinds enhance the natural look of a room, no matter if the theme is country style or ultra-modern. They are also perfect for creating a relaxing ambience. 

Aluminium venetian blinds

Value for money, versatile, little maintenance and their durability are all good reasons to opt for aluminium venetian blinds. This type in venetian blinds is a great insulator and energy saver through controlling light and temperature from entering the room. Aluminium binds sporting a wood effect are also perfect for bathrooms thanks to the offer of privacy and being water-resistant.

Perfect fit venetian blinds

The perfect fit venetian blinds are an exciting, innovative and modern product. This revolutionary new system of blinds solution offers the ideal fitting for modern uPVC window and door frames. Installation is hassle and fuss free as these blinds are simply clipped into the frame without the need for drilling holes. The choice of Perfect fit venetian blinds offer space saving capabilities as they are snugly contained within the actual frame.

Venetian blinds and its variety have powered the attention of window fashion in the improvement of all living spaces. Versatile, cost effective and maintenance-friendly venetian blinds open up a world of tailor-made possibilities to the décor of a room.

Timeless and enhancing the classic elegant look, our variety of blinds finishes will provide the perfect fit for your home or business space.