Partner a colour palette with window blinds to light up the interiors of your home

Looking to inject some fun, tranquillity or an exotic look into a room with window blinds? Fine tune your colour strategy when redecorating your home or business premises. You can create any feeling from relaxed and tranquil to warm and cosy in your home with a choice from a spectrum of vibrant colours. Add the extra finishing touch with your preferred style and design of window blinds.


Personalise your home with colour

Adding colour to your home not only allows you to personalize your home according to your unique style, but also helps to freshen up dull looking interiors. Harmonize the look of your decorating efforts with the distinctive effect created by window blinds. Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, wood Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, clip in blinds and Perfect fit blinds all add their own effect to a room.

While it may be an integral part in redecorating your home, many find choosing a colour palette a daunting and overwhelming experience. Like deciding on a window blinds solution, the many options available can be overpowering.


Tips on choosing a colour palette

Here are a few guidelines to make choosing a colour palette for your home easier.

  • Don’t be scared of colour - dark colours in particular
  • Follow your heart and choose colours that you love and that uplifts your mood
  • Remember that the colour sets the mood of the room – opt for a colour that would offset the mood you want to create
  • Control the flow of natural light to enhance the colour of a room with window blinds, such as roller blinds
  • Pale or neutral coloured blinds have the effect of making a space appear larger

Work towards ensuring that there is continuity in your interior design efforts that is evident all through your home. One way in which to do this is to settle on a colour or two to use throughout the home. Use accent colours to then highlight or showcase your chosen colours.


Make the window a focal interest in a space

The type of blinds you choose and the colour scheme of the room should complement each other to support the role you want the window to play in the room. In addition the harmonizing these two critical elements will help support the mood or effect you wish to create in the room.

Patterned fabric blinds are great for adding excitement to a plain window. These are also are quite effective in making the window an arresting point of interest.

Go for bright or bold or vibrant patterned fabrics for your blinds to showcase the window as a feature of the room. For the opposite effect, using bolder colours for the walls and keeping the blinds’ colour neutral, the windows will be less noticeable.

Do you want the impression of taller windows?

Consider placing your blinds above the top of the window. This has a double effect: the ceiling is made to appear higher as well as creating a spacious effect.

The colour palette and your choice in window blinds work together to complement the overall design of the interiors of your living spaces.


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