Window dressing ideas for your living room

Seeing that the one living space that defines your lifestyle is the living room, choosing the perfect window blinds is critical as windows are an all-important focal point in a room. Whether you are a fan of Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Vertical blinds or PerfectFit blinds, your choice in window dressing has to promote a sense of relaxation and comfort, while at the same time offering a decorative as well as practical function.

First questions

Before shopping for your favoured type of blinds, some questions that first need thought include:

  • Do you prefer a modern or more traditional look?
  • How important is privacy to you?
  • How much natural light would you like to filter in?
  • How big is the size of your window?

Use blinds for a designer look

The range of Venetian blinds can convey a level of warmth and comfort to your living spaces. One of the great reasons to choosing Venetian blinds as your window dressing of choice is that it can be accessorised to create a personal touch.

A softer, more luxurious effect is created in a living room featuring wood venetian blinds. This fabulous window dressing option is available in a range of stunning natural wood tones and painted shades to fashion the perfect look to your living room.

An often overlooked choice in window dressing is the roller blinds. Yes they provide a simple and uncomplicated look to a room, but the wealth of versatile options places the roller blinds on the list of decorative window dressing alternatives. You can choose your unique choice of fabric designs, including printed ones. Or consider a pole, shaped bottom hem or braided bead for a distinctive twist.

What to consider when choosing window blinds for your living room

To find the perfect window blinds offerings to create a customised look for your living room, whether it is wooden window blinds for a classic, refined look or the roller blinds to match contemporary decor, there are a few important considerations to bear in mind. Here are our guidelines:

  • What does your budget permit? The one important determinant in choosing blinds for your living room is your budget.  More often blinds are priced according to size. Other factors that reflect in price include speciality fabrics and unique features.
  • Lighting. There are window blinds that offer a bright atmosphere and blinds such as a variety of Blackout Blinds to ensure more privacy and a cosy presence to your room.
  • Maintenance. Depending on your preferred type of window blinds dressing, maintaining them can be hassle-free. Blinds featuring textured fabrics and weaves such as the Woodweave Roman Blinds benefit best from a professional clean although vacuuming is just as good. Standard blinds require regular attention as they can collect dust.
  • Safety. Households with young children may opt for window blinds that are cordless.

Your preferred style of blinds will depend largely on the above factors. With the numerous types of window blinds available on the market today, you are sure to find the perfect style that works best for your lifestyle and living space.

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